Friday, April 17, 2009

This report went out to our subscriber email list and is on our website. Well, I'm getting ready to cleanse staring Monday. Some activities scheduled that day, but not after that.
Good luck to y'all, Jan

Join the Big Fast for the Climate
By Ted Glick, Jere Locke, Jan Lundberg

[Culture Change website introduction] This Monday we're putting our voices where our mouths full of food are. The world appears to be facing climate extinction, and still we're trapped in our economic "reality" and political "hope." But deep down we know that, if we've paid attention, Earth's climate won't wait until we find it convenient to slash emissions and population growth. So we are fasting.

In late summer of 2007 folks in every state in the U.S. and beyond took action to place our concern over the changing climate at the very top. By not eating anything, for the Climate Emergency Fast, the statement was clear that we meant business -- like Gandhi did. We need results, just as he and his downtrodden people did, as they were up against the evil
empire. We have an evil empire to fight too, known as ourselves and our modern, industrial culture of convenient consumption.

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