Tuesday, April 14, 2009

This brief blog posting is going up the day after the Call to Action for this Fast for Our Future has been sent out widely. We've begun to hear back from people who are signing up to fast, some for one day, some for 25-40 days. There are now six of us, from Texas, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York and California, who are planning to do a fast of between 25-40 days.

As one of those planning to do so, and even though I've been on long fasts before, I'll admit to feelings of apprehension. I am fully aware that there will be more than a few moments during that time that I will have second thoughts: why am I putting myself through this? But I know that it is during those moments that I will do what fasting always gets me to do: think seriously about the "why" of this fast, and I will grow spiritually closer to those already suffering because of an unjust world order in which the destruction of forests and the mining, production and sale of coal, oil and natural gas are essential components. I will think about those coming after me who are literally dependent on us living now to do everything in our power to prevent the world climate catastrophe that is coming our way as surely as the sun sets in the west unless we get serious right now.

I pray for strength, for myself and my sister and brother fasters, during this upcoming time of testing.

Ted Glick

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