Tuesday, April 21, 2009

After Two Days

I couldn't believe how good I felt waking up this morning on the second day, and my energy level stayed high all throughout up to now, into the evening. That's after spending a good part of the day on Capitol Hill talking to energy/climate staffers for various key Congresspeople.

And I was struck by how I seem to be already into the reality of not really wanting food, of looking upon food as almost something distasteful, so to speak. It's like temptation, it's something that if I partake of I will be hurting the cause I feel so deeply about.

I'm reminded of something I read that sister faster Diane Wilson once said about fasting, that it becomes "mind over matter." Yes, very much so. My mind is so focused on doing all that I can to get the strongest possible legislation on climate out of this polluter-influenced Congress that it easily beats out the usual desire to eat.

I know further along it will get harder and my energy will flag as I continue on what is for me a water-only fast (with vitamins and salt), but for now and for days to come, I'm really looking forward to the new insights and experiences this fast is starting to bring me.

Ted Glick

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