Saturday, April 25, 2009

Day 6

It feels like I've reached a fasting plateau after some up and down first few days. I didn't have any major physical problems, mainly some digestion issues when I take the salt, calcium, potassium, vitamin C and multi-vitamin that are important to take. But if I dilute those vitamins right after taking them with a lot of water it seems to pass quickly. I've been surprised that I've had exactly zero headaches since this started. That's a good sign that I'm eating healthily and am in decent shape after just about 60 years on this planet.

The main thing I find myself thinking about is how this fast can have more of an impact on what's happening in Congress.

This was the week that a critical period of decision-making over the next month began. It began with hearings before the House of Representatives Energy and Commerce Committee. After a full week with 54 people testifying, all the input indicates that things are very much up in the air about what's going to be happening with climate legislation. There is a very real possibility that the draft bill introduced a month ago by committee chair Henry Waxman could get worse, and there are a number of major problems with that draft, so there's a strong need for people to be bringing pressure to bear on their individual Congresspeople, on Henry Waxman, and on other members of that committee. Especially important are the blue dog, moderate Democrats who are generally looking to weaken the legislation: Mike Doyle, GK Butterfield, Baron Hill, Gene Green, Jim Matheson, Mike Ross, Charlie Melancon, John Barrow, Charles Gonzalez, Rick Boucher and John Dingell.

The primary purpose of this fast is to have an impact during this critical five-week period when the first comprehensive climate legislation of the Obama era is being put together. I pray that those part of this fast network and many more will step up to the plate and let these people who are representing us--all of us, not just their districts--know that the climate emergency we are facing calls for strong action.

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